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Tree Stump Grinding

Bill Beal's Tree Service offers you the finest stump grinding tree services for the removal of your tree stumps while recycling the wood into your yard in the greater Houston, Texas area including Spring and The Woodlands. Our licensed, bonded and insured arborists at Bill Beal's use our high end horizontal grinder to recycle all unsightly stumps and roots that need removal from your property ensuring the environment remains clean.

Our state of the art machine grinds the stump and roots ensuring production of high quality shredded mulch. The process begins with running through the debris through 3 to 4” screen followed by second phase of grinding through our 1.5” screen. Trust us, this the most green way for carrying out the recycling operation.

Stump grinding can also be provided after tree removal services. The stump can be ground so that you may utilize the area of your yard or property for future landscaping.

Stump grinding and root grinding also protects individuals from tripping and saves unnecessary repairs of lawn equipment. Stump Grinding also prevents the need to fill a huge hole with top soil after a stump is removed.

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